'Lock your doors': At least four dead in Canada shooting

'Lock your doors': At least four dead in Canada shooting

Residents were warned to "stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety" by the police.

It took place in Fredericton in New Brunswick, a small city of around 56,000 inhabitants.

MacCoubrey said he heard as many as 17 more gunshots over the next hour and it sounded like they were coming from the middle of his Brookside Drive apartment complex that has four buildings in a square.

"Our hearts are broken by the murder of our two courageous police officers", Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien said in a tweet.

Clement says the Fredericton Police are considered an average-sized police department and that everyone in the community would likely know the officers who were killed.

"They have no idea what's going on", she said.

Several police, firefighters and paramedics are at the scene, and Mr DiDiodato said emergency services were evacuating houses.

In 2014, another mass shooting in New Brunswick led to the deaths of three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and the wounding of two more in Moncton.

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A shooting rampage last month in that city left two people dead.

The incident in the town of Fredericton is said to be "ongoing".

In 2016 Canada had 0.61 firearm-related homicides per 100,000 people, a 23 percent increase from 2015 and the highest rate since 2005, according to Statistics Canada.

Multiple fatalities have been reported after an early morning shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The Winnipeg native, who lives immediately off Brookside, said residents have been advised to stay inside with their doors locked.

The city of Fredericton is located about 50-miles northeast from the US border of Maine.

One person was in custody, and there was no further threat to the public, police said.

Growing gun violence in recent years has been an issue in Toronto, Canada's most populous city.

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