With World Cup conflict looming, Wimbledon loosens mobile phone restrictions

With World Cup conflict looming, Wimbledon loosens mobile phone restrictions

Wimbledon is the oldest of the tennis majors and takes place at the prestigious All England Club every summer - usually for a two week period from late June to early July.

Tennis fans around the World will have to contend with a huge sporting headache as the 2018 World Cup final will be primed to begin midway into the Wimbledon Final.

"I saw a few pictures the size of Croatia compared to size of Russian Federation, and I think if we are already to be in semi-finals is unbelievable, but if we can make it further, it's really good, as well".

Wimbledon's big screen hasn't shown any England games since Euro 1996. But the Wimbledon managers have learned their lesson from that foray into the footballing world.

Speaking to a group of reporters Monday morning, Richard Lewis, the club's chief executive, indicated that the prohibition would not be strictly enforced given interest in the World Cup - provided the use of the devices didn't interfere with others.

"Saturday was one of the most special days I can remember at the championships".

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"People followed the football on their devices thanks to modern technology without disturbing other spectators".

"I was out and about around the grounds and you could tell when England had scored.it was wonderful".

With almost half (63 per cent) of consumers choosing to watch the World Cup final, brands looking to jump on the conversation taking place online will thrive by anticipating the second-screen commentary and analysis.

"It's coming home", whisper the pundits with growing confidence-a reference to England's self-appointed status as the spiritual home of the game, and also the lyrics of a football song called "Three Lions". Broadcast TV remains absolutely central, with digital consumers but consumption habits are slowly changing.

Tennis superstar Roger Federer countered the football fever with a little irony.

"Regardless of whether I'm in the final or not, the Wimbledon final will take place and so will the World Cup final", said Federer. The players (at the World Cup) are going to look up in the crowd and not understand what´s going on at Wimbledon!

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