Trump To Rescind Obama-Era Guidance On Affirmative Action

Trump To Rescind Obama-Era Guidance On Affirmative Action

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the changes an effort to restore the "rule of law", though civil rights groups decried the move and some universities said they meant to continue their diversity efforts as before.

Hackman does not link to either of the two Obama administration guidance documents that is to be rescinded. The documents, which were jointly-released by the departments of justice and education, also argued that colleges and universities had a "compelling interest" in "obtaining the benefits that flow from achieving a diverse student body", and outlined the options colleges could take under law in pursuit of that goal.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld - though with an increasingly narrow view - the practice of considering race as a factor in order to ensure minorities are integrated at elite U.S. educational institutions. The Harvard University case is widely expected to reach the Supreme Court, and the Democrats are concerned that Kennedy's replacement will prove more hostile to race-based programs like affirmative action. Attorney General Jeff SessionsJefferson (Jeff) Beauregard SessionsUsing military attorneys to prosecute border crossers is a bad look for the White House Lawmakers press Trump admin for list of migrant kids separated from families Vermont becomes ninth state to legalize recreational pot MORE said the rescissions were necessary because the guidelines "were issued improperly or that were simply inconsistent with current law".

McDonough said the action could have a chilling effect on colleges as they review their admission methods.

"The Supreme Court has determined what affirmative action policies are Constitutional, and the Court's written decisions are the best guide for navigating this complex issue". The Bush administration had sternly reminded schools that they could consider race in admissions only if they had absolutely no other method of achieving diverse classrooms.

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The studies were filed in Boston's federal court as both sides attempted to persuade a judge to end the suit before it reaches trial, which has been scheduled to start in October.

The head of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) hammered the Trump administration on Tuesday for revoking federal guidelines that encourage colleges to consider race in their admissions determinations, calling the move an unveiled attack on minorities. The guidelines that will be eliminated called for colleges to seek ways to promote racial diversity without being discriminatory in their admissions. She said the announcement underscored the stakes surrounding the upcoming Supreme Court appointment.

The Supreme Court has been generally accepting of considering race in admissions decisions. And attorney general Sessions has made his distaste for affirmative action manifest, vowing to bring lawsuits against any universities that adopt admissions policies that unduly advantage African-American applicants.

The ruling bitterly disappointed conservatives who thought that Kennedy would be part of a Supreme Court majority to outlaw affirmative action in education.

"People have been talking about precedent in regard to Roe. v. Wade" - the landmark 1973 ruling affirming a woman's right to abortion - "but it's important to remember that affirmative action has been a precedent for the past 40 years", she said. "Any Supreme Court nominee needs to be asked if they support precedent related to affirmative action".

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