Lipstick Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wore Sells Out

Lipstick Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wore Sells Out

Perez's praise for Ocasio-Cortez was milder last week following her stunning primary victory.

John Cardillo, host of Newsmax TV's "America Talks Live", tweeted an image of Ocasio-Cortez's childhood home in Yorktown Heights with the claim that she lived in that home before attending Brown University. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Justice Democrats would endorse universal Medicare, a $15 minimum wage and free tuition at public universities, all while turning down any corporate PAC money.

"Alexandria's victory was just a remarkable reminder of the depth that we have in the Democratic party", Perez said, adding that Democratic success in this year's midterm elections will be built on candidates who tailor their campaigns to their states and districts.

Per the Daily Mail, Ocasio-Cortez never hid her suburban life, and in fact directly addressed the dichotomy between her "two worlds".

"I'm an educator, I'm an organizer", she continued.

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Cardillo is still tweeting about Ocasio-Cortez a day later. While living in the Bronx, she founded Brook Avenue Press, an independent publishing house for books that present the Bronx in a positive light.

Ocasio-Cortez's brother's description differs from photos of the houses tweeted by Cardillo: "I owned & sold that home". According to Corbin Trent, a Justice Democrats co-founder who spent seven weeks working full-time for Ocasio-Cortez, this was the dream all along - one breakthrough candidate who demonstrates that incumbents are beatable. "What we did is we changed who turns out", noting that many Millennials voted for her.

Her campaign biography states that her father was a small business owner and that "she grew up in a working-class household where her mother cleaned homes and everyone pitched in on the family business".

Ocasio-Cortez's response seemed to resonate with people on Twitter.

"My mom scrubbed toilets so I could live here & I grew up seeing how the zip code one is born in determines much of their opportunity", she tweeted. "One just graduated college, one who is in college - and they were both texting me about their excitement over Alexandria because she really - she represents the future of our party", Perez said.

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