Trump Meets Lee; Hopes 'Nice' Outcome From Summit With Kim

Trump Meets Lee; Hopes 'Nice' Outcome From Summit With Kim

North Korea, though, has shown little appetite for surrendering nuclear weapons it considers vital to the survival of Kim's dynastic rule.

Trump had been scheduled to fly back to Washington on Wednesday morning after spending Tuesday with the North Korean leader in Singapore.

"The entire world is watching the historic summit between (North Korea) and the United States of America, and thanks to your honest efforts... we were able to complete the preparations for the historic summit", Mr Kim told Mr Lee through an interpreter.

There were screams of "Kim!"

In one video clip, Mr Kim waves to crowds as he enters Marina Bay Sands Hotel surrounded by a team of robotic body guards.

Among those representing the lunch are Secretary of Secretary Mike Pompeo, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Adviser John Bolton.

US President Donald Trump plans to depart early from his unprecedented summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the White House said yesterday, declaring that nuclear talks with the North have moved "more quickly than expected".

"We will continue to work with our worldwide partners to strictly enforce existing sanctions until such time as North Korea turns its commitments into concrete steps towards denuclearisation".

"If diplomacy doesn't move in the right direction, sanctions will increase".

Kim takes similar precautions during his travels inside North Korea to inspect military bases and state-run factories, according to South Korea news agency DailyNK.

After concluding the summit, Trump planned to speak to reporters in Singapore before flying home, the White House said.

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"I'm very optimistic we will have a successful outcome with the two leaders", he said. The U.S. president turns 72 on June 14.

Mr Kim remained ensconced in the heavily guarded St Regis Hotel, where he is staying.

Kim Yo Jong, leader Kim's younger sister, was also spotted in his delegation.

Also on Monday, senior North Korean and USA diplomats held last-minute talks here to come up with a draft agreement to be presented to the leaders of the two countries during the summit.

Some 2,500 journalists are reporting on the event, which is costing Singapore government about 20 million Singapore Dollar (SGD). Security is tight throughout Singapore, with armed police roaming the streets and motorcades of the global delegations bringing traffic to a standstill.

Lee said that about half the cost is going to security.

"It is our contribution to an worldwide endeavour which is in our profound interest", he told reporters.

- Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are ready to shake hands, sit down face-to-face and ... do what exactly?

Mr. Balakrishnan, who received Mr. Kim on Sunday at Changi Airport, said the summit comes after 70 years of suspicion, war and diplomatic failures.

Earlier, officials from the two sides held last-minute talks aimed at laying the groundwork for the summit between Trump and Kim, a meeting nearly unthinkable just months ago when the two were exchanging insults and threats that raised fears of war.

"The fact that we have been chosen as the site of the meeting - we did not ask for it, but we were asked and we agreed - says something about Singapore's relations with the parties, with America, with North Korea, also our standing in the worldwide community". Abbreviating the meeting to a single day could make it easier to cast the summit as an early, symbolic opening, rather than a substantive negotiation in which a lack of tangible progress would suggest failure on the part of the negotiators.

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