Paul Skyscraper Sets Off Social Media Firestorm

Paul Skyscraper Sets Off Social Media Firestorm

The so-called #mprraccoon that held the world rapt on Tuesday as it scaled a downtown St. Paul skyscraper has finally topped the building.

Many citizens posted on Twitter they were concerned for the raccoon's safety and were anxious it had not eaten since it started its journey.

Reporters on the ground are posting that yjr St. Paul's raccoon saga appears to have come to an end as footage shows the little guy crawling up and over, onto the roof of the building, around 2-3am local time. He's going to get to the top.

The pint-sized daredevil climbed all the way up to the 23 story of an office building before being removed by building maintenance. "The best thing is to leave him alone".

Its travails captivated social media users.

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Looking like a smaller, hairier version of Spiderman, the raccoon was able to scale nearly the entire building, finally stopping to rest outside the Paige Donnelly Law Firm on the 23rd floor.

As the raccoon climbed higher and higher on Tuesday, animal welfare officials hoped that it would reach the roof of the UBS Plaza building so it could be trapped.

Until we have any further details, we'll just pray for a miracle.

The woodland creature also soon had its own Twitter account, with one tweet saying, "I made a big mistake".

St Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward.

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