Origin Access Premier Subscription Will Get You EA Games "Before Anyone Else"

Origin Access Premier Subscription Will Get You EA Games

"Origin Access Premier" is a new game streaming service for PC gamers, as a premium extension of Origin Access. The Origin Access Premier will include all the new launch of the company's PC games and that surely includes the heavy-hitters such as the above mentioned games, which the subscribers can enjoy ahead of its release.

That means Battlefield V, Madden NFL 19 (which will be on PC again for the first time in years and years), Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 and Anthem, day and date, as well as everything already in the Vault.

Origin Access Premiere is a new tier of the Origin Access service. This means that you can potentially play the game four days before its 10 August 2018 release. It costs $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Access to The Vault, a library of games that gets titles from non-EA developers too such as the Batman Arkham series.

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EA was one of the first to embrace a game subscription service with EA Access on the Xbox One and Origin Access on the PC. Well, aside from the one requiring you to use Origin Access Premier.

EA has announced a new streaming subscription service for its games. The best thing is that with Origin Access Premier will also include The Sims 4, which will also include the Digital Deluxe, Dine Out, and Kids Room packs.

10 percent discount in the Origin Store on full games, pre-orders, expansions, Federation Internationale de Football Association points, and more. They will have access to the official release versions once they go live. To learn more about member benefits for both EA Access*** visit www.ea.com/ea-access and for Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premier visit www.origin.com/origin-access. Dive into the action starting February 15, 2019 for Origin Access Premier members. Play any games that have already been added, as much as you want.

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