EA Reveals New Details About Anthem, Including a Release Date

EA Reveals New Details About Anthem, Including a Release Date

Anthem has been one of our most-anticipated E3 2018 games for a while, and EA obliged with a pretty good three-part look at the online RPG during its Hollywood press conference. A few things were already known to showcase at EA's press conference such as Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 and Battlefield 5. "Too soon for details but will provide more when the time is right".

Just in case it wasn't already clear that EA is no longer worshipping at the golden altar of ill-advised loot box monetisation, BioWare added that Anthem won't have any.

Inspired by the hugely popular PUBG and Fortnite, Battlefield 5 will also be having its very own Battle Royale style mode. There is no PvP mode and you can play the entire game by yourself, which should please those who get annoyed by Destiny's locked off content. Mark Darrah also seemed to hint that a public beta will occur.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 may not have had the best year, but DICE is determined to win fans back. Instead, Tarsis offers a single-player, plot-filled hub full of computer NPCs, game-altering decisions, and friendship possibilities.

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You will, however, be able to play the whole game solo if you want. The game is set between episodes 3&4; an era where Jedi are hunted down and all but eradicated.

The first Unravel is actually a genuinely charming little game and well worth checking out. These cosmetics may even change the shape of each of the four Javelin classes but won't actually affect gameplay. Let us know your predictions in the comments. The haunting yet handsome tones set in the game explore the story of a young woman who turns into a monster due to her loneliness. You will be able to play solo, but things will be more hard that way since you'll have no back-up. Colossus, Interceptor, Storm, and Ranger suits are available, each with unique abilities.

Thanks to a world ravaged by natural disasters, players will have to traverse Anthem's world in Iron-Man-esque suits known as javelins.

Previously, EA confirmed Anthem's delay to 2019, stating it has nothing to do with the game's development, rather it wants Anthem to compete on its own terms in its own release window that doesn't clash with other games such as Battlefield V.

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