Amazon Fire TV Cube combines Amazon Echo & Fire TV into one device

Amazon Fire TV Cube combines Amazon Echo & Fire TV into one device

Amazon Fire TV Cube also uses far-field voice recognition with eight microphones to ensure Alexa clearly hears requests from across a room.

On Fire TV Cube, a spoken "launch Netflix" calls up the streaming service, while similar commands toggle to live TV channels or search the catalogs of multiple streaming services for a movie or TV show. You can switch channels by saying, "Alexa, switch to channel 15", or, "Alexa, switch to ESPN".

The Fire TV Cube price is $119.99 and is now available for pre-order, shipping from 21 June. With that said, the set-top box can be asked to switch to a specific channel, whereby, the Fire TV Cube will initiate commands in communication with the cable box.

That last part, that it can jump between inputs, was my favorite part of the Fire TV Cube, which was only hard-connected to the TV. If that's not you, Amazon is now offering nice discounts on the Echo Dot and Echo Show, giving you two more ways to add Alexa to your home.

But that's not the only trick up the Fire TV Cube's sleeve; it incorporates four IR blasters (one in each side) to communicate with all of your A/V equipment.

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While we're gearing up for Amazon Prime Day, Amazon has already released a Prime Day-caliber deal for its screen-equipped Echo speaker, the Echo Show You'll want to jump on this Echo Show deal as soon as possible as there is no telling how long it will stay at this price.

Amazon says Fire TV Cube enables hands-free TV controls using infrared technology, cloud protocols and a feature of HDMI cables designed for controlling consumer electronics devices.

The living room is important territory for Amazon, which is investing heavily to build both the devices people use to watch television and streaming services, as well as to produce some of the content they watch with its original studios. Even if you need 4K HDR video support, you only have to pay $70 for Amazon's Fire TV Pendant, Roku's Streaming Stick+, or Google's Chromecast Ultra. Advanced beamforming technology combines the signals from the individual microphones to suppress noise, reverberation, content now playing, and even competing speech to make sure Alexa clearly hears your request, even next to your TV.

That's made life hard for premium streaming boxes like the Apple TV, which sells for $150 and up. "We think this is enough of a game-changer that customers are really going to like it".

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