Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over 2016 MacBook Pro Keyboard

Apple Hit With Lawsuit Over 2016 MacBook Pro Keyboard

According to AppleInsider, on Friday last week, a class action lawsuit was filed at a court which claimed that Apple knew about the keyboards' defects before the product was actually launched.

Apple needs to make rounds to the court.

According to the text of the lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court Northern District of California, "Despite awareness of the keyboard defect, Apple equipped future model MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops with the butterfly keyboard, and continued selling these laptops to consumers at premium prices".

Just as the report about the class action broke out, a petition, which has garnered a massive 17k signatures in just over a week, has called on Apple to recall all MacBook with butterfly switch keyboards, citing that the hardware design is flawed inherently while manufacturing.

Thousands of user reportedly complained about the issue they faced. "Complaints of keyboard failures began to come in shortly after the 2015 MacBook was launched".

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Apple officially advises users with the affected MacBook models to blast their keyboards with compressed air.

The lawsuit claims the MacBook has been assembled in such a way that when "minimal amounts of dust or debris accumulate under or around a key, keystrokes fail to register". There were certain users whose laptops were out of warranty and it cost them dearly. Because of the design of the keyboard, it's not possible for Apple to replace one key mechanism. Releasing their newest technology during the function, Phil Schiller, SVP of Worldwide Marketing said that the new keyboards are "much more precise, accurate and are 4 times more stable than the older scissor mechanism".

Affected users now seek damages, legal fees and demands that Apple not only publicly acknowledge the keyboard design flaw, but be ready to fix or replace defective units with reimbursements for those who have had to purchase replacement laptop units. If this is indeed the case, Apple appears to have neglected to address the issue properly.

The appellants are also accusing Apple of suggesting "self-help remedies".

The petition has so far been signedby over 20,000 people and quotes a number of MacBook Pro owners who have run into various keyboard issues, from sticky keys, to defective keys, to those who have found their MacBook Pro entirely unusable because of keyboard failure.

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