Rudy Giuliani Just Lost His Day Job

Rudy Giuliani Just Lost His Day Job

The New York Times reported Thursday that Giuliani resigned from the firm in order to focus all of his efforts on the ongoing special counsel investigation into whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation to win the 2016 presidential election. Richard Rosenbaum, the firm's executive chairman, said Giuliani's resignation went into effect on Wednesday.

Over the last two weeks, Giuliani has familiarized himself with Mueller's investigation and has also represented Trump on cable network news programs and in various other media outlets.

The former New York City mayor was specifically questioned about whether Mueller asking to speak with any of Trump's children would be a "red line" that the president would consider a step too far.

The New York Times asked Greenberg Traurig several times to explain those remarks over the past week.

The former NY mayor and former presidential candidate took temporary leave from Greenberg Traurig on April 19.

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"This way, my sole concentration can be on this critically important matter for our country", he said in a statement provided to Bloomberg Law by the firm.

Originally, Giuliani and the firm believed he would not be working for Trump this long. Trump had previously denied knowing about the payment.

"(The detainee release) is just going to lead into heavy negotiations with North Korea to try to get a meeting that is on our terms, or at least good terms, and it's going to be hard to interrupt him and I wouldn't do it unless it was an emergency", Giuliani said.

Since joining the legal team, however, Giuliani has repeatedly made headlines for wading into allegations involving the President and adult film actress Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had a consensual sexual encounter with Trump more than a decade ago. Cohen told the New York Times in February that the money for the payment came from his own pocket, and that neither Trump's campaign nor the Trump Organization were involved.

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