"Millennium Falcon parked on Hollywood Blvd. for 'Solo" premiere

"This is showmanship at its best and it's what "Star Wars" fans deserve, this kind of excitement". "Rogue One", released in 2016, told the story of the theft of plans for the superweapon the Death Star, which was destroyed at the end of the 1977 film that made Star Wars into a global sensation.

Those two men, of course, are Billy Dee Williams and Donald Glover, also known as the two men responsible for bringing Lando Calrissian to life.

"It was one of the first characters I was ever introduced to in my life", he revealed. He had been a fan of the character since childhood, when his father bought him his first Lando action figure.

Mashable Alden Ehrenreich is the real deal, Thandie Newton is who I want to be when I grow up, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge's L3. well we'll talk about that later.

"[The viewers] can expect a really different tone and a lot of caper and a lot of escapade", he said.

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According to the Star Wars team, Han Solo Season is created to "pay homage" to both the original trilogy, as well as the standalone movie arriving later this month.

The premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Thursday night was a star-studded event. But, after a few days in limbo, Lucasfilm announced that Oscar-winning director Ron Howard would be seeing the movie through.

"I believed there was something exciting to be done here and hoped I could help realize its potential", he told ABC News. Solo A Star Wars Story will also be screened at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival on May 15.

While Solo: A Star Wars Story is, ostensibly, a film about the beloved roguish smuggler Han Solo in his younger years, one of the most anticipated performances comes from Glover as a youthful Lando Calrissian - and for the acclaimed Atlanta star, getting cast in the iconic role was something truly special.

I look forward to seeing what Disney can do with these additional Star Wars TV series and get the opportunity to step into the universe more in the future.

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