At Least 27 Dead After Kenya Dam Burst

At Least 27 Dead After Kenya Dam Burst

"The dam wall cracked and the water escaped".

The dam burst the night of may 9 near the town of Solai.

Many more are feared still trapped. Those who were rescued were rushed to Bahati Sub-county and Nakuru level 5 Hospitals.

"So many people are yet to be found".

Local officials say the full extent of the damage is not yet clear.

The death toll of Nakuru's Patel Dam, which broke its banks on Wednesday evening, has risen to 43 even as search a rescue operation continue.

Heavy rainfall and floods have hit East Africa in recent months, especially Kenya and Rwanda.

"At first I thought it was the rains but when I went out I saw water all over and I had to run", she said, I am alive today because I ran fast but I do not know the whereabouts of my children".

Villagers dig through mud as they attempt to find survivors of flash flooding at Solai.

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Also affected were Solai Boys High School and Arutani Girls Secondary School.

The bodies of two women were discovered several miles away from the area affected by the bursting of the dam, the Reuters news agency reported.

A total of 49,975 households (approximately 299,859 people) have been displaced, 19,223 livestock lost and about 21,741 acres of farmland with crops destroyed.

Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui said 450 homes had been hit by the floodwaters and safety engineers had been sent to inspect three other dams nearby. "I'm so confused. I hope they are alive", she said.

"It was a sea of water".

Villagers said it started with a loud rumble, then houses collapsed one by one under an approaching wall of water.

"We heard from colleagues on the ground that they are anxious that two other dams in the area could also burst", Ishimwe added. "All our houses have been ruined".

It's owned by Mansukul Patel, a horticulture farmer who uses the water to irrigate his flower farms. Dozens of other schools remain closed in most parts of the country over floods, especially in Siaya County.

The area has seven dams used by a commercial farm, said Keffa Mageni, an official with an advocacy group that helps to resettle displaced people.

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