Lawsuit filed in Charlie Rose sexual harassment case

Lawsuit filed in Charlie Rose sexual harassment case

Three women who worked with him are have filed a lawsuit against the journalist and CBS News. The three women are represented by Kenneth Goldberg of Goldberg Fliegel, who could not be reached for comment Friday.

Harris, McNeal and Wei all allege Rose physically and verbally sexually harassed them and also faced verbal abuse from the host.

After the bombshell story, Rose admitted to some of the allegations but has claimed there was no wrongdoing.

In response, the Post wrote, CBS News said in a statement that it had worked to strengthen protections for employees in the wake of the Rose scandal but could not "corroborate or confirm numerous situations described" in the new report.

Friday's lawsuit is likely to be the first of several.

His PBS interview show was canceled.

The retaliation component of the lawsuit stems from Wei's account that she was removed from her position as an anchor assistant several months after she filed a complaint with CBS human resources on November 30, just days after Rose was sacked. A report in The Washington Post earlier this week detailed 27 additional allegations of harassment and that managers had been warned about Rose's conduct at least three times over a 30 year period. The suit also states that Rose referred to Wei as "China doll", caressed her arms, and whispered in her ear "Happy birthday, dear". Rose also placed "his hands on her thighs and [kissed]" McNeal on the cheek as well, the lawsuit alleges.

The suit said that when Ms. Harris wore a miniskirt covered in images of roses, he told her "that the roses on her skirt are his roses". Harris left CBS last April to work for Rose directly at PBS, where the third plaintiff, Sydney McNeal, also worked as one of his assistants. At one point, they said, he told them, "You just need to become lovers already".

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Rose then contacted Wei, who was an anchor assistant on "CBS This Morning" at the time, telling her, "My relationship with you is the man I am in all my relationships", according to the complaint.

In an email to the Post before the suit, Kadro said he did not believe Wei raised the word "lawsuit" with him.

Wei has since taken medical leave from the network.

CBS News did not respond to a request for comment.

The network has reportedly hired the law firm Proskauer Rose to help investigate all the claims against its former anchor.

The lawsuit also alleges that in addition to Rose, "one or more other high level male executives at CBS committed acts of sexual harassment against women". One of the plaintiffs in that 1986 lawsuit, Beth Homan-Ross, said of working with Rose, "It was a sexual land mine everywhere you stepped".

"CBS was fully aware of".

The lawsuit mirrors some of the allegations made in a new report this week in the Washington Post.

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