Oculus Go first look: Facebook's everyday virtual reality experience

Oculus Go first look: Facebook's everyday virtual reality experience

Oculus Go, the standalone, wire-free virtual reality (VR) headset from the makers of Oculus Rift, is now on sale.

It is priced at £199 in the United Kingdom, $199 in the States with 32GB of storage built-in. You can now buy Oculus Go from oculus.com in 23 countries, including the United Kingdom and US. Battery life is claimed to last between 1.5 and 2 hours of gaming, 2 and 2.5 hours for video viewing.

As a package, it's hard to fault the Oculus Go. The headset is, of course, more comparable to the Gear VR when it comes to actual gameplay (they share the same game library), but Oculus has managed to make a number of improvements that make the cheap headset feel deeply luxurious to those familiar with mobile VR offerings to date. But it stands out because it does not require a separate computer - a smartphone locked into the device or a PC to tether to - to operate.

The idea here really is that you should be able to don the Go and get cracking with your VR pursuits as soon as humanly possible.

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That immediate availability only applies to the United States for the time being.

All right, so what's so special about this headset?

A pre-release page for the headsets popped up on Amazon and a Reddit user spotted a display case of Oculus Go units at a Best Buy at a Fayetteville, Arkansas Best Buy.

You get all the technology needed to play VR experiences and games in the headset itself, plus a wireless controller.

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