New Snap Spectacles can take photos on land and in (shallow) water

New Snap Spectacles can take photos on land and in (shallow) water

Tap the button to record video with new and improved audio, and now, you can press and hold to take a photo!

The new version of Snap's Spectacles can also be ordered with prescription or polarized lenses.

Those proved to be pretty popular for the company, with lines cropping up all over the United States as Snap launched vending machines in random spots to sell the product. And yeah, there's no telling just how well the new Spectacles will sell, but here's to them doing okay.

"The company is also getting more serious about direct-response advertising, which is a huge revenue driver for Snapchat's competitor Facebook", according to Williamson.

After selling 220,000 Spectacles at $129.99 a pair, Snap is back with a slightly more costly and updated version of the video recording glasses. Snap claimed the battery can last up to a week with regular usage.

In addition to looking better, Snap Inc. also ensures that Spectacles are more comfortable to wear. But that hasn't stopped Snap from releasing a new version of the wearable, which comes with some notable upgrades over its predecessor. The first edition had a limit of 10 second video clips, but the new one expands, and lets users capture a second clip, after the initial 10 second one, of up to 30 seconds.

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Snap is working on more advanced augmented-reality technology for Snapchat, according to Wired, and it's not hard to see how it could be applied to wearable technology.

There's a wireless video camera embedded inside the glasses. Major changes include the ability to snap photos and record video in HD. Spectacles 2.0 are not a type of AR glasses, but the lightweight camera technology and design could presage future ventures into AR.

Looking at previous FCC filings and patents, Snap's engineers certainly have their eyes on an AR future.

Before you click Buy, though, consider that we've already seen reports of a $300 model that could come as early as 2019.

With such a unique method of distribution, the company created a lot of attention and hype around its first hardware product.

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