Spotify Presses the Reset Button on its Free Mobile App

Spotify Presses the Reset Button on its Free Mobile App

Now, users will be given access to about 750 songs through 15 Spotify-curated playlists that they will be able to listen to in any order.

Aside from the improved music experience, Spotify is also introducing a new app UI for free tier users, which constantly reminds users of the premium plan. Most importantly, music will take less from one's bandwidth, especially since Spotify has a low data mode, which cuts its usage as much as 75 percent.

When Spotify added the free tier, they allowed non-paying users to listen to their vast catalog with some limitations, which include shuffled playback in playlists and ads in between tracks.

The hope is that this new Spotify free update will bring more users to the service, and turn those users into paying customers. Shuffle still exists outside of those 15 playlists, but it's an improvement over the status quo and may provide more of a hook for those tempted to make the switch to the paid subscription. It'll be specific to each user; if a heavier Spotify user will have more cached.

Over the years, Spotify has put a considerable amount of focus on the features and design of the paid version of Spotify, letting the free tier wallow in the state it debuted in back in 2014.

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Spotify is a music, video and podcast streaming service founded on April 23, 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The previous Browse and Search sections have been rolled into a single new Search section with more visually attractive categories for essentials like top charts, new releases, genres, etc. The app will also recommend tracks similar to the ones users show they like by tapping the "Like" icon.

"We know it's the only way we're going to achieve our goal of getting billions of fans" chief R&B officer Gustav Soderstrom said as the press conference.

The Spotify free version depends on your device.

The new service is expected to roll out globally over the next few weeks. The new service also lets users like or hide certain artists, which will help Spotify's algorithms find the right artists and songs to feature. You could speculate that this is tied to the promotion of certain artists by the record labels subsidising the free tier. Henceforth, the new data saver mode will be quite helpful and popular in less developed markets where mobile data is quite expensive.

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