Konami has released a new Castlevania game!

Konami has released a new Castlevania game!

A statement that I'm sticking by, as Konami unveils its latest stab at raiding Dracula's tomb, in Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls.

Castlevania is one of the longest-running and most recognizable video game franchises of all time, but it has struggled to live up to its own name for much of the 21st century.

Konami have announced a new Castlevania title coming to the iOS platform in Japan. Classic heroes from the series will return, including Alucard, Simon Belmont, and Maria Renard. It's certainly not what many Castlevania fans were hoping for, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's destined to disappoint... although the last time Konami took a stab at a mobile Castlevania, the results left something to be desired.

"A future where Count Dracula has been completely destroyed".

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-A four-player co-op boss rush. It seemed like eternal peace had come to the world. Although there is no official release date for the title, you can opt-in for the Japanese closed beta right here.

The game's story is set in a future where Dracula seems to have been completely destroyed, and peace is nearly upon the land. Protagonist Genya Arikado soon receives a letter that declares "The Grimoire has run wild and Count Dracula will be resurrected", so he sets off straight for the sender. However other characters from Castlevanias past will also be available.

Genya ArikadoA mysterious person belonging to the confidential organization of the Japanese government. Lucy is a female researcher that has been working on means to defeat Dracula. Although he is young he has a high ability as a research magician and supports the fight of Ark's people through magic books.

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