Stormy Daniels may show up at Trump lawyer Cohen's hearing

Stormy Daniels may show up at Trump lawyer Cohen's hearing

Sources tell ABC News President Donald Trump spoke Friday with his personal attorney Michael Cohen who, according to court documents, has been under criminal investigation for months, largely centered on his business dealings.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Cohen's NY office and home this week, partly based on a referral from Mueller.

Depending on what was said, the call could be problematic for both men, as defence lawyers often advise their clients not to talk to each other during investigations.

There was no discussion of recordings during a court hearing on Friday to argue over Cohen's filing of a temporary restraining order that seeks to suppress the evidence gathered in the raid.

The Justice Department announced Friday that Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months in NY relating to his business dealings.

The filing came in response to Cohen's effort to block prosecutors from reviewing documents seized in searches of his home and office on Monday.

In addition to Cohen's lawyers, Joanna Hendon, an attorney representing the president appeared and said Trump "has an acute interest in these proceedings".

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Wood said the intervention of a court or special master in the process was not unprecedented, citing the prosecution of Lynne Stewart, a radical Manhattan lawyer who was charged with smuggling communications out of prison for one of her clients. The Times reports that his advisers "have concluded that a wide-ranging corruption investigation in NY poses a greater and more imminent threat to the president than even the special counsel's investigation, according to several people close to Mr. Trump". Trump's advisers are said to be anxious about whether the recordings touched on any matters related to the president.

The move followed a Wall Street Journal report that Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen negotiated and arranged the payout as hush money to the model, who has not been named.

Federal prosecutors made that disclosure on Friday in responding to a request by Cohen for a judge to restrict the government's ability to review the evidence the FBI collected in those raids.

Friday's hearing was marked by multiple private conversations between the lawyers and the judge.

Under US law, communications between attorneys and their clients are privileged and must remain confidential, but judges can grant exceptions in cases involving criminal wrongdoing.

The warrant for the raids also specified that Cohen was being investigated for bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance issues, CNN reported earlier this week. It's part of a broad investigation into Cohen's business dealings, and may also include his role in nondisclosure agreements with women who claimed to have affairs with Trump, and Cohen's unofficial role in Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

A Justice Department "filter team" should go ahead, prosecutors argue, in reviewing the evidence and determining which is protected under attorney-client privilege and which could be material in a potential future criminal case.

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