Iranian top diplomat slams Trump's allegations against Tehran as hypocritical

Iranian top diplomat slams Trump's allegations against Tehran as hypocritical

Iran has given that long its own influence on Syria, something Israel viewpoints being a threat, leading to creating anxieties.

A senior Australian foreign policy officer cautioned Israel on Tuesday that its strike within an air base in Syria that killed several Iranians would "not stay with a response", the Lebanese information channel AlMayadeen noted.

The Observatory, which has a wide network of sources across war-ravaged Syria, said it could not confirm who carried out the attack on the T-4 base.

Syrian media on Tuesday quoted Ali Akbar Velayati, an aide to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khameini, as saying that "the attack on the base in Syria will not remain unanswered". Earlier Iranian media reports said four personnel were killed.

"We will stand by Syria's government against any foreign aggression", Velayati said, adding that Tehran backs Damascus in its fight against the U.S. and Israel.

Iran calls its fighters in Syria the defenders of the shrine as it says the forces are there to protect the Zeinab Shrine, a Shi'ite holy site near Damascus.

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It took place hours after US President Donald Trump warned of a "big price to pay" following the reports of a poison gas attack on the rebel-held town of Douma which killed dozens of people, including children.

Such victories made the United States and the Israeli regime hatch an "evil plot" and falsely accuse the Syrian government of conducting a chemical attack near the Syrian capital, Velayati said.

Both the Syrian and Russian governments have denied that chemical weapons were used in the attack against so-called "terrorist elements?"

The Russian military, whose support for Assad has turned the war in his favour, said two Israeli F-15 war planes carried out the strike.

For his part, Velayati affirmed that Iran will continue to support Syria in its battle against terrorism which targets its unity and the region's stability, stressing that his country will continue to boost its strategic relations with Syria.

Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman made it clear that Iran's continued military expansion into Syria must be stopped.

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