Trump to skip South America summit to focus on Syria

Trump to skip South America summit to focus on Syria

In a statement Tuesday, a Pence spokesman said the vice president was "honored" to stand in for Trump at the upcoming summit.

The planned South America trip was meant to see Trump attend the Summit of the Americas in Lima, the capital city of Peru. In that time, however, he has undertaken more distant trips to Europe, Asia and the Middle East on several occassions.

On Monday, President Trump said the United States would respond in 24-48 hours to the latest suspected chemical weapons strike in Syria.

Peru's worldwide relations expert Miguel Rodriguez Mackay said Trump, who was expected to make his first visit to the region as USA president, has once again made his "contempt" for Latin America clear. "The President will remain in the USA to oversee the American response to Syria and to monitor developments around the world".

US response to a chemical weapons attack in Syria was imminent, the US President said on Monday. Trump oversaw that response from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Shortly before the announcement, Larry Kudlow, the president's new director of the National Economic Council, said Trump was able to "compartmentalize" and that he wouldn't be distracted by the drama surrounding Cohen. "When I will not say because I don't like talking about timing". It will be interesting to see how Vice President Pence manages the situation at the summit, and how the other countries react to him.

Trump's cancellation of his trip to the summit could be a relief for some countries in the Latin American region.

As reported by The Telegraph, Mr. Pence has previously served as Mr. Trump's envoy to the region and met with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. The working to coordinate Latin American countries on a pressure campaign against Venezuela's government.

White House officials said last week that Trump was not expected to meet with Cuban leader Raúl Castro, who is attending his last such gathering before a scheduled retirement later this month. Anyway, it seems like America will be making huge strides forwards in their handling of the Syria crisis, even if it means Trump missing an important summit in South America.

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