The World's Oldest Living Man Was Born Before We Even Had Radios

The World's Oldest Living Man Was Born Before We Even Had Radios

Mr Nonaka was born on July 25, 1902, just months before Albert Einstein published his theory of special relativity.

Nonaka was awarded the Guinness World Records' official title of being the oldest man alive after 113-year-old Francisco Nunez Olivera from Spain died in February. Nonaka is now 112 years and 4 months old.

The 105-year-old inn is now run by his granddaughter Yuko.

The man has always been in retirement and spends his time mostly watching TV, reading newspapers and enjoying his favorite candies and cakes.

Nonaka is said to be extremely fond of his pets and added if he does not like his dinner he would often give it to his pets, but tries to hide it from his family.

According to his granddaughter Yuko, Nonaka enjoys soaking in a hot spring once a week and indulges in candies, especially cakes.

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He has seven brothers and one sister who live nearby in Ashoro, Hokkaido.

Although he believes his longevity is because of soaking in hot springs and eating candies, his daughter does not think so. In 1931, the year he married and became the father of five children.

Japan is known for the long ages to which people live. Japan had another record holder with Jiroemon Kimura who died at 116 in 2013.

The record holder for the Oldest person ever (male) was also Japanese.

The country boasts around 68,000 people aged 100 or older, the Japanese government said in 2017.

A 117-year-old Japanese woman, Nabi Tajima, who is now the oldest living person in Japan, is expected to be certified as the world's new oldest person, replacing Violet Moss-Brown of Jamaica, who died in September at the age of 117.

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