Apple to ditch Intel chips and create its own from 2020

Apple to ditch Intel chips and create its own from 2020

Aside from releasing product models within its own timeline, using custom Mac chips would make Apple the only computer manufacturer to utilize its own processor. Intel also said that the company does not comment on rumors about its customers. Given Apple's increasing capabilities in processor manufacturing, and a push to make communication between different product families faster and more seamless, the decision to gradually phase out Intel hardware might make a lot of sense to the Cupertino, California-based firm.

Apple announced its switch to Intel processors in 2005, after years spent building computers on IBM's powerPC architecture. The chip also boasts built-in neural engines to make Face ID work as well as Apple's own-design Secure Enclave technology. In particular, the latest generation of Apple's A-series chips has regularly outstripped the Intel processors in Macs in various benchmarking tests.

While the transition to Apple chips in hardware is planned to begin as early as 2020, the changes to the software side will begin even before that.

Tentatively, the code name of the chip is called Kalamata which is now in the early stage of development, according to a reliable source from the industry said to the Bloomberg on the condition of an anonymity.

Bloomberg reports that the initiative "is still in early developmental stages", but is meant to bring Macs into the same unified architecture that allows all of Apple's other devices to work together "seamlessly".

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Indeed, Intel shares dropped more than 9 percent on the news. A Bloomberg supply chain survey reveals that Apple accounts for nearly 5 percent of Intel's entire revenue. It's unclear whether such a big revamp of Apple's MacBook and iMac lines would also include the introduction of MicroLED screens. It was way back in 2010 that Steve Jobs himself, skinny as a rail, debuted the ARM-based Apple A4 chip alongside the then-new iPad in San Francisco.

Intel has dominated computing processors for more than a decade, taking market share from Advanced Micro Devices Inc., its only rival in the market.

In less than two years, that brand new Mac of yours could be sporting an Apple-made CPU.

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