Fortnite Battle Royale competitive season details coming soon

Fortnite Battle Royale competitive season details coming soon

What do you want to see from competitive play?

Since Epic has made this game only available for iOS devices, there is no any specific availability date for this game for Android platform. They were joined by Travis Scott and Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster later, breaking records in the process.

"We believe the strong growth of Fortnite creates tactical risk to the video game publishers", said analyst Evan Wingren, as reported by CNBC. This update shelves the Smoke Grenade and adds remote explosives to Battle Royale.

When and how can I play Fortnite on Android?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is slated for release on October 12 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Secondly, the game will take up 2 gigs of space on your device, which means if you have a slow internet connection or little space on your phone you'll have to the download size. The app comes in at a hefty 2GB and, as previously announced, is only supported on iOS 11.

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If you haven't signed up, you can do so right here: https://www.first-wave-of-invites-for-fortnite-on-mobile ...

Any iPad or device that falls outside these minimum specs won't be able to play the game.

Fortnite is absolutely free to download but you will require an invite in order to get in on the action. Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, seems to be winning in their battle against their primary competition, PUBG. You can play as an individual or join a team of up to four. Simply open the app, login as normal and start playing. You will then have to activate your account and log in to the game on the app.

Going into slightly more details, this new update improves server performance and reduced bandwidth usage when players are jumping and optimizes shield effects on players to improve overall frame rate. Wait for a couple of more days and you should see the game live in the inbox. What are friends for?

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It has already been seen almost two million times in under four days.

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