Steam Kicks Off New PC Game Sale And Revamps Wishlists

Steam Kicks Off New PC Game Sale And Revamps Wishlists

Alongside the deals, Valve has reworked Steam's wishlist feature.

The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2018 is taking place right now.

Over the course of this weekend, Steam users can save some major bucks on some of this year's biggest hits starting today, Feb. 15, 2018, until Monday, Feb. 19, 2018. You can filter your wishlist based on price, discount amount, genre, and tags. Highlights include Heat Signature for $10, Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition for $36, Overcooked for $5.77, Ark: Survival Evolved for $20, Rocket League for $12, and Planet Coaster for $11.24. (My Steam wishlist now stands at over a hundred individual items.) Customers can sort by a number of factors including the order you've placed them in, price, review score, or by a few other metrics. However, this also grants these developers access to Steam's private developer forums, where Valve makes announcements for things like upcoming sale dates, allowing publishers an opportunity to prepare their discounts in advance. The first and most obvious change is that Wishlist game entries are a lot bigger now. Consumers can also filter by whether a game is in Early Access, is available for purchase ahead of release or VR-only.

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Other filters include certain price thresholds, operating system support and whether they're on sale or not.

Note: The combination of filters and sort-orders that you pick will automatically save and apply when you visit your Wishlist again in the future.

As always, we'd like to hear what you think about these changes, and whether there are more wishlist features you'd like to see. That's especially useful if you want to whizz down your list and stick games in your cart as you go - say, when it's sale time. You simply need to click one of the tags displayed next to a game to hide titles that don't share that tag.

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