Virginia election ruled a tied, winner will be chosen at random

Virginia election ruled a tied, winner will be chosen at random

In a statement, the Virginia House Democratic Caucus called the court's decision "wrong" and said, "We are now assessing all legal options before us as we fight for a just result".

"This is part of a huge wave election in Virginia where voters came out in record numbers to force a change in Virginia", Simonds said. The Republican said he's preparing legislation for the next session.

The recounted votes still must be certified by a court Wednesday.

That panel of judges chose to count a disputed ballot for Yancey, which pulled him even with Simonds. All that appeared to be left was the official certification of the vote by three-judge panel on Wednesday.

State officials were having discussions Wednesday afternoon about next steps and when they might schedule a meeting to declare a victor, a process that could be complicated with some officials already on Christmas vacation.

Ezra Reese, an attorney for Simonds, argued that under the guidelines, the ballot should remain uncounted because it contained more than one type of extra marking.

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"I imagine we'll probably get together next week", State Board of Elections Chairman James Alcorn said in an interview Wednesday afternoon.

The final tally: 11,608 for Simonds to 11,607 for Yancey.

Judges have been in recess for two hours. They would not allow photos of the actual ballot. Virginia Republicans narrowly control the State Senate, whose members were not on the ballot this year, 21 to 19. Simonds was trailing Republican David Yancey by 10 votes just after the election.

After an election recount that appears to give them a tying vote in their chamber, Virginia House Democrats plan to meet Wednesday to select a would-be speaker. The Democratic win would mean a 50-50 party split in the House of Delegates, ending 17 years of Republican control and forcing a rare power-sharing agreement. That probably would mean a rare power-sharing agreement must be worked out between Democrats and Republicans. The 94th District had by far the slimmest vote difference and the biggest chance of flipping.

A Republican delegate in Fairfax County held onto his seat following his district's recount last week.

Ballots will be recounted Thursday in the Fredericksburg area's 28th District. "We stand ready to establish a bipartisan framework under which the House can operate efficiently and effectively over the next two years", the Republican leadership said in a statement. But Democrats already have asked a judge to call for a new election after at least 147 ballots were found to be assigned to the wrong districts.

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