US Blames North Korea for WannaCry Ransomware Attack

US Blames North Korea for WannaCry Ransomware Attack

A Trump official claims in an op-ed that the U.S. has proof that it was North Korea behind the WannaCry cyber attack, citing a "careful investigation".

The Trump administration is expected on Tuesday to publicly blame North Korea for unleashing a cyber attack that crippled hospitals, banks and other companies across the globe earlier this year, said two sources familiar with the matter.

Thomas Bossert, an aide to US President Donald Trump, made the accusation in the Wall Street Journal newspaper.

The Trump Administration is set to formally name North Korea as the power behind the WannaCry cyberattack that affected hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 countries over the summer.

While the North is believed to run a cyber warfare operation, which has traditionally targeted the South, the regime has repeatedly denied WannaCry allegations.

Bossert called the attack in which victims received ransom demands to unlock their computers "cowardly, costly and careless".

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"The attack was widespread and cost billions, and North Korea is directly responsible", Bossert wrote.

Bossert said that North Korea "acted especially badly".

Bossert said the finding was based on evidence and that it had been confirmed by other governments and private companies, including the United Kingdom and Microsoft. "A company that could bring data back to Russian Federation represents an unacceptable risk on federal networks". "If those hackers travel, we will arrest them and bring them to justice". He noted that the Trump administration has banned the use of Kaspersky software from government systems over concerns that the software could abet Russian espionage, and that the government has also charged Iranian hackers who attacked usa companies such as HBO. A few weeks ago, we charged three Chinese nationals for hacking, theft of trade secrets and identity theft. Whenever possible, we will work with partners, industry and allied governments, who share our market based values. The U.S. must lead this effort, rallying allies and responsible tech companies throughout the free world to increase the security and resilience of the internet.

"The US is trying to shift responsibility for tensions on the Korean Peninsula to us with its dialogue offensive", the North Korean daily Rodong Sinmun said in a report.

The latest reports, however, suggest the U.S. is going to formally accuse North Korea of the attacks soon. The four-day joint military drills ended on December 15.

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