Quentin Tarantino Developing 'Star Trek' Movie Idea With JJ Abrams

Quentin Tarantino Developing 'Star Trek' Movie Idea With JJ Abrams

It's still unclear how Tarantino's movie will link to the current Star Trek reboot franchise, which has so far included three films dating back to 2009 and a fourth will feature Chris Hemsworth as Captain Kirk's (Chris Pine) father.

Abrams and Tarantino are "in the process of setting up a writers' room for the next installment in the series".

Turning A Classic Episode Into A Movie?

He's also said on numerous occasions that he plans to call time on his directing career once he reaches ten movies, so perhaps he's looking to check the box before he calls it a day. The excitement about this particular project wouldn't be the impact that Trek would have on Tarantino; it's what Tarantino would have on Trek.

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So, where did Tarantino's potential Star Trek gig come from? " Now that he's working on a Star Trek film of his own, it's possible he's aiming to adapt the timeless episode, "The City on the Edge of Forever". Tarantino noted that many classic Star Trek episodes could be "easily expanded" into a feature film, and he specifically mentioned the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" as one that could work on the big screen.

In a move few would have predicted, Quentin Tarantino is to boldly go where he has never gone before and make a Star Trek movie. Moving beyond this stage would require a great deal of work before Paramount would consider greenlighting the project. Huahua Media financed Star Trek Beyond in 2016.

Tarantino is known for creating his own original stories such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight, and more. However, he has served as a for-hire director in television before, helming episodes of both ER and CSI.

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