Supermoon 2017: How to watch it this weekend

Supermoon 2017: How to watch it this weekend

Monday's supermoon will appear about 14 per cent bigger than if it were at its farthest away point in its orbit and will shine up to 30 per cent brighter.

Supermoons happen when the sun, moon and earth align and a full or new moon aligns with the sun's lunar orb.

"For this year's final supermoon, the perigee distance will be approximately 222,135 miles in the early morning hours of December 4 (in the United States)", says Nichols.

There will be one on New Year's Day followed by another on January 31, which, according to NASA, will be a "super blue blood moon".

A new moon is the first phase in the lunar cycle that occurs when the moon is in conjunction with the sun - but is not visible from Earth. The Dec. 3 Full Cold Moon will be 2017's only "supermoon".

It's hard for our eyes to distinguish these small changes in size when the Moon is high amidst the vastness of the night sky.

Supermoon 2017: How to watch it this weekend
Supermoon 2017: How to watch it this weekend

And while it may appear super, the term "supermoon" is not the official term for the astronomical phenomenon. Even so, the supermoon is still worth viewing.

The day after the moon will be at its closest to earth in the month.

If you want to watch the supermoon from the comfort of your bed, there are at least two live stream options. This is because the previous two were around the time of a new moon, which isn't visible in the sky. Some people, Joseph said, might not notice anything or just assume it's like any other full moon.

This optical illusion also occurs when watching the supermoon immediately after sunset (or before sunrise).

Supermoon Sunday is at hand, and although some may scoff, the supermoon concept provides a good excuse to take a close look at a celestial sight we often take for granted. "Supermoons aren't rare, but they're not an everyday occurrence either".

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