Apple Counters Qualcomm with Patent Lawsuit of Its Own

Apple Counters Qualcomm with Patent Lawsuit of Its Own

In January, Apple sued Qualcomm for almost $1 billion in patent royalty rebates that Qualcomm allegedly withheld from Apple. More specifically, Apple believes it owns several battery life patents which Qualcomm has incorporated into the Snapdragon design, which is then being used to power the devices of Apple's competitor's devices. While Apple has declined to issue a statement, these back-to-back lawsuits suggest that the two companies are trying to force each other's hand.

According to a Reuters report, Apple's filing states that "Apple began seeking those patents years before Qualcomm began seeking the patents it asserts against Apple in this case". Apple alleges it owns at least eight battery life patents that Qualcomm has violated. In that suit, Apple said Qualcomm's behavior was akin to "a common patent troll".

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Qualcomm also filed its complaint with the U.S International Trade Commission and wants to ban import and sales of certain iPhones - namely, those with Intel chips. In a related suit, Qualcomm sued the contract manufacturers that make Apple's phones, but Apple joined in to defend them. It said in that complaint that "Apple's iPhone is the reason consumers fell in love with smartphones and this continues to push Apple to create and innovate with new products and technologies, such as iPhone X Face ID".

Qualcomm in November sued Apple over an alleged breach of a software agreement between the two companies. That's something Android device makers won't necessarily like, even though many of them already sided with Apple in its fight against Qualcomm. Separately, Qualcomm is facing a lawsuit from the US Federal Trade Commission over numerous same pricing practices Apple names in its complaints.

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