You Can Soon Check If You've Interacted With Russian Trolls on Facebook

You Can Soon Check If You've Interacted With Russian Trolls on Facebook

"This is part of our ongoing effort to protect our platforms and the people who use them from bad actors who try to undermine our democracy", Facebook said on Wednesday.

The problem is that there are several different ways users could have seen Russian propaganda on Facebook.

Facebook will release the tool by the end of the year through the Facebook Help Center, and the new portal will specifically show pages and Instagram accounts created by the Internet Research Agency between January 2015 and August 2017.

But the US has traditionally taken a very different approach toward consumer privacy rights than Europe has.

The new function will show a list of which pages a user liked, and the date they did so. On Election Day itself, about 10 million people saw ads purchased by the Kremlin on Facebook, the company has said.

In addition to creating the bogus accounts, which were designed to spread misinformation and influence United States voters, Facebook said the Kremlin-linked Internet Research Agency spent $100,000 on over 3000 ads displayed around the time of the election.

Twitter banned the ads from RT (formally Russia Today) and the Sputnik news agency in October over election meddling.

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"It's a much more challenging issue to identify and notify reliably people who may have been exposed to this content on an individual basis", said Colin Stretch, the company's general counsel, told the House Intelligence Committee earlier this month.

The IRA successfully trolled the internet ahead of last year's US presidential election to discredit Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

On Google, Russian actors purchased a small number of ads around the 2016 presidential election.

Facebook has been under intense scrutiny for the role its platform played in the election.

Facebook is going to introduce a tool to enable its users to see if they interacted with any Russia-linked accounts before or after the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

"We look forward to additional steps by the companies to improve transparency with respect to Russian abuse of their platforms, and urge them to furnish a joint report on how Russia used these platforms to sow discord and influence the election".

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