Harrisonburg races to beat breast cancer

Harrisonburg races to beat breast cancer

Breast cancer screening exams can help detect the disease at its earliest stages of development, often resulting in less aggressive treatments and ultimately saving lives.

Quad City locals came together for an important cause, breast cancer awareness.

Officials say the money raised helps the American Cancer Society attack cancer from all angles, ensuring no one faces breast cancer alone by funding innovative breast cancer research, promoting education and risk reduction, and providing comprehensive patient support to those who need it most. "Ten years ago we decided we could be a little more than that and make this a picnic in the park".

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"When you go through this, having support is a major thing, it's what gets you through it", she said.

More than 22,000 Nashville residents attended the walk at Nissan Stadium Saturday for the walk. "Gwendolyn Goodine Proctor, this is for you because you fought a hard fight, but there's still a cure out there for somebody else", said Yvonne Goodine. Some people walking were survivors, while others were walking for friends who have been battling or battled the disease.

Wilkerson said she is touched to see people in the community running in the 5K even if they've never been personally affected by breast cancer.

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