The Upcoming Razer Smartphone Will Be Announced On November 1st 2017

The Upcoming Razer Smartphone Will Be Announced On November 1st 2017

According to Recode, all of Nextbit's employees made the move to Razer. It was only a matter of when. Up until now, we didn't know when exactly the gaming device would get launched. Razer posted a teaser on Twitter that shows a man holding a smartphone-like device in his hands.

According to the teaser on the company's website, the product will be launched on november 1, with a tagline that reads "Watch for our biggest unveiling".

A listing has been spotted on GFXBench for the "Razer Phone" which lists some details about the specifications that this handset might possibly have. As it suggests, Razer will introduce its new smartphone with an event organized on November 1st.

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The only real question here is the specs.

There's also a more likely possibility of the phone being able to stream PC games, like the PlayStation Vita can with PS4 games using its Remote Play feature. Under the hood, the Razer Phone comes powered by 10nm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor clocked at 2.4GHz and Adreno 540 GPU. These games have never been available for high-end gaming on smartphones, but chances are that Razer might have a compatible, powerful smartphone that can finally let players enjoy these games on such smaller devices.

Right now I dont see any mobile device or software platform that really fulfills the needs of the [mobile] gamer. there is a huge opportunity to disrupt the mobile market.
Razer bought out Ouya 2015 and acquired Nextbit, the gaming hardware company, early this year. It was a pocket gaming device that ran on Android Lollipop when it launched. The report had also stated that the company was raising funds for the smartphone.

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