Ways You Can Help Yourself & Others On World Mental Health Day

Ways You Can Help Yourself & Others On World Mental Health Day

What should business owners do to further support mental health wellbeing? It is not enough just for the health service to deal with people but actually what we need to do is we need the services to begin to integrate and look at how they work together for the best of their clients.

As World Mental Health Day 2017 is being commemorated globally, employers are being urged to provide support for workers who may be afflicted with mental-health issues. They were told about the qualities of mentally healthy individuals, prevention of mental illness, promotion of mental health, stress reduction etc.

Researchers uncovered the worrying statistic following a study carried out among 2,000 employees which showed 38 per cent wouldn't feel safe being open about their mental health at work.

"There are a total of 106 mental health workers in the region comprising one Clinical Psychologists, one Clinical Psychiatric Officer, 50 Registered Mental Health Nurses used as Community Psychiatric Nurses, and 52 Technical Officers (Community Mental Health)", he explained.

A dedicated telephone helpline for EMCOR UK employees has been introduced alongside the recruitment of EMCOR UK Mind Champions and trained mental health staff to lead the programme and host a series of EMCOR UK Mind Days across the UK.

This year's theme is Mental Health in the workplace, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues.

A separate report by the Mental Health Foundation found that people living with mental health problems contribute 225bn to the economy each year, something they say should make employers wake up to the need to protect that contribution.

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An employer therefore can not demote or transfer a person or reduce a salary because of a mental health condition. "So I think in this case, what might be happening is that managers are more likely to experience mental-health conditions, likely related to increased levels of stress and workload". According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 350 million people across the world are now living with a mental illness.

Offering help, even before employees ask.

"People were waiting in line for up to 45 minutes for a chance to speak to a mental health professional", said, Keane who obtained his Masters in health care policy and management from Harvard's School of Public Health. "Just give them your time [and] your presence".

"We spend so much time and emphasis on physical health, we focus on the medicinal treatment but there are also other therapies involved that we should probably focus on expanding those programs as well", said Vartanian.

Have you taken a mental health sick day?

Dr. Fatema Mohammed Musa, Head of Service Development, Service Development - Service Development-Adult Health "PHCC is committed to fostering an environment where employees feel valued, respected and supported". "In accordance with the American Disability Act that we follow now, if a person is diagnosed with mental health issues, accommodations can be made".

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