Harvey Weinstein Has Been Fired From His Company

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Fired From His Company

The co-founder of the company Harvey Weinstein has been fired from the Weinstein Company on Sunday after the allegation that e had been involved in the rampant sexual harassment.

The announcement comes after The New York Times published an article last Thursday chronicling sexual harassment claims dating back nearly three decades, from former employees at the Weinstein Company and his previous company, Miramax.

Meanwhile, even US President Donald Trump commented, saying he was "not surprised at all" to see the accusations against Weinstein, whom he said he'd known for "a long time".

Harvey was sacked from his own company on Sunday following the allegations.

The Weinstein Company board of directors had said Friday evening that the company would launch its own investigation into the claims and that Weinstein would be on "indefinite" leave.

The Oscar-winning producer had earlier taken a "leave of absence" and is undergoing therapy amid claims he is behind decades of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

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Weinstein Company is also behind movies such as Pulp Fiction, Scream, Gangs of NY, andThe Lord of the Rings franchise.

A report surfaced late Friday in the Huffington Post claiming that Weinstein had made unwanted sexual advances toward a TV journalist, Lauren Sivan, a decade ago in NY, including cornering Sivan at a restaurant and masturbating in front of her.

Weinstein's alleged inappropriate behavior with women in the last 30 years was detailed in the bombshell report.

Those involved include Kiss The Girls star Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan, who appeared in films including Scream, according to the New York Times. "That was the culture then", the 65-year-old said.

The company received scrambling to do the damage control while Bob Weinstein sent an email to Lisa Bloom, the legal adviser of Mr. Weinstein.

Weinstein's firing came just days after he admitted to behaving inappropriately with some of his female colleagues in the past and apologised for causing them "pain".

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